Saturday, March 10, 2007

'Wrath' throughout the Bible

>>>Again, this is simply copy and paste from my undergrad dissertation. This section served as an overview for biblical uses of the words most often translated 'wrath' (Hebrew words; ‘af, ‘ebrah, haron, quesef, hemah, and Greek words; orge, themos). Conclusions were drawn from this data, systematic evidence, and a detailed exegesis of Rom. 9. ... You may notice by reading it that this section was a particular victim of merciless word-cutting. I shall therefore provide a fuller account of my findings at a later date, that will include all the necessery references as blogger doesn't seem to allow for footnotes.<<<<

3.2.1 Biblical Data

Wrath throughout the Pentateuch is against God’s rebellious people. It is totally-consuming and must be appeased by mediation and sacrifice. God’s wrath is avoided through mediation to make atonement. Wrath is shown in order to show God’s mercy, not because of mans righteousness but His promise.

History Books
Wrath is against Israel and other nations. It’s provoked through disobedience to/blasphemy against Yahweh. Wrath is the just response to sin and is avoided through repenting of people and mediating of leaders. Sometimes there is no hope for turning away wrath; God however in His mercy secures a Remnant to receive His promise.

Job sees God’s wrath against Himself as just, even if inexplicable. The Psalms present God’s wrath as just and against the wicked, and appeaseable through repentance. It is never a praised characteristic, His wrath-bringing justice however is.

Isaiah expounds wrath against nations which is mercifully appeased resulting in the fulfilment of His promises. Jeremiah speaks of disobedience and subsequent unavoidable wrath with the other nations. However God subsequently shows mercy to Israel and wrath upon Israel’s oppressive nations, (reflected further in Lamentations.) God’s wrath is primarily against other nations in Ezekiel. God’s character is wrathful throughout the minor-prophets, however is equated with His just day of wrath and His mercy.

Wrath is equated with God’s final judgement against ungodliness and is on those who do not believe in the Son.

Pauline Epistles
God’s wrath is equated with final judgement which some are saved from through God’s mercy.

General Epistles
Hebrews: wrath is the characteristic which prompts God to swear judgement in comparison to those shown mercy. Revelation: God’s wrath is final judgement through the Son on the fallen world whose names are not in the book of life.


Anonymous said...

I dont think anyone has a clue about God's wrath so to speak, myself included. This world does not want the truth and will deny it to preserve itself. The truth is that holy righteous spiritual judgement is not always right, the angels dont know what it is to be human, the holy human beings do not have all the knowledge of a person, the "holy deities" in between us and God- that is all the religions do as they like and only help those that follow them. The fact is that no one on earth is going to be judged by God. However, as each true saint dies, there is a judgement. thats why I believe and thats what Ive read on the internet. This is not to say that christians know it all, look what has been done throughout history in the name of Christ,is that because their deities protected them. How about a good and fair analysis of what is really going on in this world.

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows the truth in their heart but will deny it even to themselves. What is it, that I maybe a European Christian man - can I step out of that conditioning, of my intellect, of my training, of my biology, of my attachments, of my christianity and know what it is to be a human being from divine creation ? This applies to all people of all religions - basically anyone on the planet so the answer is no. I am given up on it all and done everything, absolutely everything that I can ( with what I had) and have nothing. Thats what I got for my efforts. I am sorry to say that If Jesus wants to save the people or the world or the mountains then He had better come down from heaven and tell the world themselves instead of all this theatre stuff and ancient storytelling. There are so many false prophets and Jesus is just sitting in heaven and not doing anything. Im sorry but Im very upset and now finally give up.