Saturday, March 10, 2007

Summary of John 17

Chapter 17 summarizes the farewell discourse’s relational progressions and themes. However, instead of directly communicating these themes to the disciples, he is praying to His Father, to whom He is returning. This is emotionally very tangible.

vv.1-5 expresses the mutual glorification of the Father and the Son in a context of gladness for the finished work, and heartfelt-anticipation for the climax of that work. Climatically, Jesus will be enthroned over a ‘new world’ through intense suffering and glorification.

vv.6-19 shows the sovereign handing back of the sanctified disciples to His Fathers keeping. The disciples are now not of this world; however they are sent into the world and so needing the Father’s protection, and High Priest’s cup-drinking Mediatorship.

vv.20-26 focuses believers, that they might be lead through the disciples into unity and universality: Unity in mutual service and love; mirroring the relationship of Jesus and His Father, universality as this unity is seen throughout all peoples.

Prayerfully summarizing the farewell-discourse , the relational focus shifts chiasticaly (paralleled throughout Chs.13-17):

-Father/Son (vv.1-5)
... -Father/disciples (vv.6-19)
...... -Father/all believers (vv.20-24)
... -disciples/Father (vv.22-25)
-Son/Father (v.26)

Therefore the progression brings the message to all believers, however begins and ends with God’s glorification through Jesus.

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