Saturday, March 10, 2007

Summary of John 16

Throughout the farewell discourse, the Trinity, and the follower’s participation within this, has been relationally expounded. Jesus is central in Ch.13, the Father in Ch.14 , the disciples in Ch.15, and the counsellor in Ch.16. All four pieces importantly function throughout this moving preparation and goodbye.

vv.1-11 comfort and assure the disciples through the advocating Spirit, one who proves ‘the world’ sinful, unjust in verdict, and condemned for judgement. Indeed, the comforter vindicates the disciples and condemns the world and its ruler.

vv.12-22 accents the immediate affections of the disciples regarding this. Through intense anguish and confusion of loosing Jesus, there will be inevitable joy through the new-life of the resurrection.

Notice the emotional disposition of the disciples, stumbling through this conversation, sensitively led by Jesus, and assured by the coming Spirit who leads them further into truth. Jesus uses this assurance to warn against irretrievable scattering.

vv.23-33 again exclaims direct, world-overcoming, spirit-vindicating, access to the Father’s Kingdom, through Jesus, in Spirit-led prayer. Although emphasizing immediate tribulation and inevitable persecution, Jesus ends on a note of ultimate triumph.

Glory Trinitarianly interweaves this discourse. Jesus brings glory to his Father, as the Spirit brings the Disciples to glory in Jesus.


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