Saturday, March 10, 2007

Summary of God's Creative-Purpose

>>> From section 3 of my undergrad dissertation. <<<

3.1.1 God’s Purpose
The purpose of creation is to magnify the riches of God’s glory. If God does not seek His own glory then it follows that He must seek something created. Creation does not enjoy the perfections of God, and so God would be committing Himself to something other than the greatest good. This would be bizarre because God tells us not to seek anything but the highest good, to do so is idolatry. So to presume that God himself doesn’t seek the greatest good, namely Himself, is inconsistent and incorrect. Open Theism doesn’t subscribe to this, but gives us no very definite alternative either, However as noted above if God is not seeking Himself then he is seeking something created; which is inevitably idolatrous.

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