Thursday, March 01, 2007

God's Sovereignty and Man's Responsibility

This is simply a copy and paste of the Appendix to my undergrad dissertation which has recently been marked. I hope it clarifies some remarks made in posts over the last year around this topic.

God’s sovereignty and Man’s responsibility.

Dynamic divine dualism appears throughout scripture; namely (and seemingly paradoxically) God is totally sovereign, and man is totally responsible. This appendix will not attempt an in-depth look at this doctrine but make some observations.

First, both God and man enact their wills on the same circumstance yet have opposite values in doing so throughout scripture. For instance Gen.50:20 ‘You meant it for evil, God meant it for Good.’ Second, much of God’s counsel is hidden; so although this dualism seems inexplicable, it is not impossible. Third, this dualism is accountable to the fullness of God, as such much be just, holy, and righteous. Forth, God is just in holding man accountable throughout this dualism. Fifth, this dualism secures mans ‘freedom’ relational dynamic in the Spirit through means of grace. This is seen for example, in Jude. v.21 states keep yourselves in the love of God (specifically talking about prayer), while v.24 states to him who is able to keep you. The means of grace God the keeper uses, is the prayer of the saints to be kept. Sixth, and finally, this dualism is personified in the incarnation; Jesus dynamically reacts to His circumstances/surroundings, yet He does nothing the Father doesn’t do.

This dualism secures mans biblical freedom without selling out God’s sovereignty and grace; and it secures God’s righteous punishment for sin.

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Paul M. Kerry said...

Nice work goughy, a solid over view of the relevant material!!! (ohhh i sound like an examiner!!!)