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The 'Filling of the Spirit' in the Old Testament (S1.2)

The Filling of the Spirit in the Old Testament

This post is to present some OT evidence for the theory presented in S1.1 below, namely, being filled with the spirit gives special empowering of an individual or a Church for a particular ministry. To clarify the disctinctions between being 'filled' at conversion and subsequent 'fillings' (what I'm talking about here from the OT), see S1.1.

Exodus 31-35.
Bazalel; an Israelite from the tribe of Judah was filled with the Spirit which manifested itself in the ability of crafts and knowledge in order to build the tabernacle. (See 31:3-11; 35:30-35). Note he was already a member of God’s covenant people and his being filled with the Spirit manifested itself in particular ways not generalisable to the whole people.

Judges 6-7
Covenant member Gideon, after he is called and confesses his allegiance to the LORD is subsequently ‘filled with the Spirit’ which empowers him to call followers to himself to defeat the enemies of Israel. (See 6:34)

Judges 14-15
Samson, chosen by God before he was born (See Ch.13), before he was called to judge was ‘filled with the Spirit’ which manifested itself by defeating the Lion (14:6). Further, he is filled with the Spirit which gave him a righteous anger to carry out retribution against the men of Ashkelon (14:19-12). Finally, Samson is filled with the Spirit in order to defeat the Philistines in 15:14-16.

1 Samuel 10
Saul is anointed king and Samuel tells him that he will be filled with the Spirit and that would manifest itself in prophecy. (12:6-8).


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Is there any disagreement on the filling with the Holy Spirit issue -have you read baptism and fulness by Stott?

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