Saturday, March 29, 2008

Eugene Peterson on the Nature of Language + Creation (Forming)

This is a quick quote from the intro to Ch.3 of 'Eat this book' (found HERE) by Eugene Peterson, the Author of The Message. The quote happens to happily agree with my last post. :)

"It is the very nature of language to form rather than inform. When language is personal, which it is at best, it reveals; and revelation is always formative - we don't know more, we become more. Our best users of language, poets and lovers and children and saints, use words to make - make intimacies, make character, make beauty, make goodness, make truth."

So it just goes to show... theres always someone who says it first, and they normally say it better. ;) Praise God for Eugene Peterson!


Tasida said...

People should read this.

amabayag said...

Words are powerful tool,thus, knowledge is a key to ignorance.