Friday, October 06, 2006

Bookchairs are taking over my life!!!

get yours from...

You may notice that these little gizmos are the most expensive bits of wood and cotton you'll ever buy outside of the Queens private doily collection. But what’s worse, because of their design, you actually have to have several of them, as I'm sure the clever design and marketing people at figured. You see, if you have a reasonably crowded desk like me and you’re trying to write a bible study or an essay without endless makeshift paper weights and trips around the room to find all the open books you have decorated every surface with, you have to content yourself with a bookchair. And so you do, and it sits quite happily by your laptop giving your eyes a nice rest and saves you jamming last nights half-eaten cheese butty into the pages so you can see half of the paragraph your trying to read. However after say, three minutes you find you could really use another book ... like a bible, open too. And you must have it open at Gen. 4, or Rev. 13 where it isn't just going to lie flat... so you go to spend another 600 quid and have another happy, innocent looking chappie (maybe in a contrasting colour!) sat on the other side of your laptop. I can't type... so your back at the website ordering another sturdy bookchair to sit under your laptop to raise your keyboard. At this point your arms are getting tired and you can't see the screen, and worse you cannot procrastinate by watching squirrels duke it out with woodpeckers outside your window. However, you have been so subliminally bought by the bookchair boogie-man, that that is the only option you can cognate. SO you order another bookchair so you can place it on your chair and sit on it...then you realise that now you can't reach your coffee, so you by another to hold a coaster and a cup... and Mr. Bear also needs somewhere to sit, so you by him a bookchair, (in fact you buy him two because he might want to read) and squat him on one of the surfaces you rescued from one of the two books you now have perfect access to earlier. ...and then your happy, content perhaps. However, then you need to turn a page, and your little bookchair legs holding the page open perfectly are too tight...and you didn't think to buy a bookchair for your tool set so you can't reach a screwdriver to loosen you try and work your page around it, and of course it rips...poo.

So be warned, don't do as I have done, beware bookchairs...bookchairs ruin lives! JUST SAY NO!

(n.b. it actually isn't quite that bad, I bought one, then my clever dad got carried away and made three more, but annnnyway.)


Beckie said...

Now that is interesting to read :P
(sorry - you told me to make a comment, and i'd rather make one here than risk dodgy theology or similar elsewhere!)

Jibba said...

I also was told to make a comment and as I do not wish to embroil myself in a theological debate with tim I assumed this topic would be the safest.

Being at the same institute as Mr. Gough I also have trouble with books, though, as I am but a first year my major dilemma is not - 'How should I organise my books so that I may read them simultaneously?' Rather my predicament is more along the lines of - 'Where can I put all these books that I have had to buy (and shall surely never get around to reading)in order that they will not get pulverised by being left littered over my bedroom floor?'
Curiously the answer to this problem also came in the shape of a relative who is handy with a saw and screwdriver, and as a result I have ended with a set of shelves to accomodate my growing library.

When the time comes and I do finally need to look at my new books (on my new shelves), I will refuse to allow my life to be ruined by a volume of bookchairs (no pun intended) and I will simply buy myself a bigger desk to fit them all on! Sorted!

Dave said...

Maybe its a word that books are really a bad thing. Ignorance is bliss?

Jenae said...

Very Amusing, Just think about the fact that they could come in all your favorite colors! Then you could have them in a rainbow around your room!
It's great to find you online!
Have a great day. Keep up with the awesome Guitar work!

kate said...

+fav.... i mean, you didn't get carried away, did you? *grin* i'm thinkin' you were restin' secure in the capacious hands of some other boogie-monster... but annnnyway... ;)