Tuesday, October 03, 2006

5 Minute Readings for your Edification

Wondering what to do in your coffee break? Got five minutes to spare before you nip off to work/school etc? Need to break up pieces of work? Feeling low and need some Father-centred encouragment? The following are roughly 5 minute readings which I have found particulary helpful and encouraging. They are things which make me step out of myself/my situation for a moment and realise again my orientation to Christ. Enjoy!

The Innkeeper, by J. Piper
Jonathan Edwards on Procrastination (Section VI - How to live each day)
http://www.biblebb.com/files/edwards/procrastination.htm (scroll down to Section VI)

The Sinner and the Spider, by J. Bunyan

Acquiring Peace and Zeal for Perfection, From Thomas A' Kempis, the Imitation of Christ (Book 1, Chapter XI)
http://www.leaderu.com/cyber/books/imitation/imb1c11-20.html#RTFToC37 (book 1, Ch. 11)

The religion in heaven consists very much in affection
, from J. Edwards, The Religious Affections (Part 1, II, 8)
http://www.leaderu.com/cyber/books/religaffect/rapt1sec2.html (Scroll down to number. 8)

The Affections that make Worship Authentic, from J. Piper, Desiring God, Ch. 3
http://www.desiringgod.org/dg/id45.htm (scroll about a third of the way down to the section entitled 'the affections that make worship authentic)

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