Thursday, November 23, 2006


Why don't we think much about Angels in our evangelical world? This is something I really want to spend some time with. They appear all through the Bible and reveal some of the most interesting Biblical Theology! I generally take there presence as continued, available, and very important to the life of the Christian, particularly to learn from in how to serve and worship God, and to amend context to warm and assure the hearts of believers in Jesus Christ.

Surely we can learn so much from these beings in the Bible. They were created, like us, to Gloryfy God through their love, worship, and service of Him. Is that not our delight also?

I hope next year, after my dissertation is over, to spend some time examining Angels place in the Bible, and subsequent place now in Church life, practice, and teaching. But any thoughts that anyone has would be very much appreciated?


Beckie said...

I agree they are very much under talked about... I spent some time thinking about them last year, but not in a truly serious way - I just drew pictures and wrote poems about them... Do let me know what you find out!

jibba said...

I do agree that angels are very much ignored these days. I feel this is mainly because the role of angels has been devalued so that when they are mentioned images of winged, naked beings are conjured up, or perhaps some might think of a six year old girl dressed in a tablecloth and tinsel fumbling over some inaudiable words from a stage at Christmas time, possibly for those who are into the pop culture Robbie Williams' song 'Angels' might come to mind. Why are these images so prevailent today when there is such a wealth of information (around 300 references) about them in the bible?
In my humble opinion I think so little is made of angels by the church because they can be confusing. What we need are people who will look at the role of angels both in the Bible and now before we all end up lying in our beds 'loving angels instead'.

Ros said...

I only just recently noticed their presence in Matthew 18:10. Maybe we do have guardian angels, after all?

Dave Williams said...

Billy Graham did write a whole book about them. I admit I never read it -probably says a lot about me!



“Are they not all ministering spirits sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation? {Hebrews 1: 14}.
Yes, angels play a great part in helping Christians to live in this world; The Lord showed me in a dream vision on how to command angels to make life easier. I was walking in a beautiful garden with God our heavenly Father, He was very tall, I could not see His face but I knew that it was God. He said to me, “Angels must be sent out with the voice of authority”. He showed me many butterflies in His beautiful garden, and He said, “Tell them to go”. So I said, “go”, just a few took off.
Then He said, “ This is not the way”, and He put one of His hands behind Him, and then brought it forward forcefully with the voice of authority, and said “ GO”, and a great multitude which could not be numbered took off, then He raised His other hand and repeated, “GO”, another great multitude took flight. Still He was not finished, then He raised both hands behind His head, then bringing them forward with such force and with a mighty voice of authority, He said, “GO”, and all you could see was butterflies filling the air.
He then turned to me and said, “This is how you must send my angels out before you with the voice of authority”. Many times I have sent these angelic beings out with the voice of authority, commanding them to go in the mighty name of Jesus, and they have never failed to obey, no matter how big or small the task might be, let us always remember that we have a great heavenly host ready to go into action in and through the mighty name of Jesus. So you see angels are to minister, yes serve us, for we are the heirs of salvation, the chosen ones, and we are to send them forth as the Bible says in {Hebrews 1 v 14}.