Thursday, September 07, 2006

Tuning Up

For my 20th Birthday, my wonderful Lady lent me long term a beautiful handbound book, -Leaves of Gold-, which is a wonderful collection of prayers and thoughtful insights on the Godly life by varrious famous writers. While flicking carefully through some of the places she had highlighted for me thoughout the book I cam accross this delightful little admonishment:

' Tuning up - Every morning compose your soul for a tranquil day, and all through it be careful often to recall your resolution, and bring yourself back to it, so to say. If something discomposes you, do not be upset, or troubled; but having discovered the fact, humble yourself gently before God, and try to bring your mind into a quiet attitude. Say to yourself, "Well, I have made a false step; now I must go more carefully and watchfully." Do this each time, however frequently you fall. When you are at peace use it profitably, making constant acts of meekness, and seeking to be calm even in the most triffling things. Above all, do not be discouraged;be patient; wait; stive to attain a calm, gentle spirit. '

- St. Francois de Sales.

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