Monday, March 13, 2006


Im crushed in my spirit
waiting for you
I long for the night
Without the ado.

The world swirls around
The haze of colored chaos
The grays, the blacks, the browns
Spinning through to slay us.

Oh God I'm naked I'm blind
I'm lost in this haze
I'm out of my mind.

Death crawls to us all
How did we live
In sin and hate
Or weakness to forgive?

Oh Christ save my soul
Take me from this place
Come down on your throne
Let me see your face.

The fire in my heart
Burns brighter with your fuel
scorching away myself
Leaving behind a jewel.

Oh ragged, jagged
Suited, booted,
Falling from
Mountain disputed.
Oh heated, haunted,
Hated, fated,
Late within
This valley waited

I know i'm lost
without your cross,
I know the cost
From frost has glossed,
I know my eyes
Are still criss-crossed
But from your love
The wrath exhaused.

A confused heart - is for but a moment.
A dependent faith - a thousand lifetimes.

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